The European Association of Rota-Therapy, i.e. the European Society of Rota-Therapy, unites the currently more than 1000 therapists and users in the mainly German-speaking countries. The society has taken over from Mrs. Doris Bartel, who has retired. EARTh organizes the trainings, lectures, annual conferences, intensive weeks and all other questions and concerns of Rota-Therapy.

With a core team of 3 people and additional teachers, the society has set itself the task of representing and disseminating Rota Therapy and networking therapeutic concerns.

Doris Bartel (D)

Founder of Rota Therapy and author

Bettina Hutterer (A)

Managing director, partner and teacher of Rota-Therapy, occupational therapy practice in Altmünster

Annette Derichs (D)

Partner and teacher of Rota-Therapie, occupational therapy practice in Düren, Germany

Michaela Rot (A)

Partner and teacher of Rota-Therapie, mototherapy practice in Vöcklabruck

Julia Schulte (D)

Occupational therapist and Rota therapist in Magdeburg and teacher of Rota therapy

Julia Gekle (A)

Healing masseuse and Rota therapist in Vienna and teacher of Rota-Therapie

Rosemarie Szemkus

Naturopath and Rota therapist in Frankfurt/Main and teacher of Rota-Therapie

Heike Hühmer (D)

Occupational therapist and Rota therapiest in Amberg and teacher of Rota therapy

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