Training as a Rota-therapist

For the training as Rota therapist are admitted: Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, alternative practitioners and physicians.

Contents of the therapist course (3×3 days)

  • Introduction to neurophysiological development
  • Theory of developmental milestones and early childhood reflexes
  • theoretical basics and approaches of ROTA therapy
  • clinical pictures and indications for the therapy
  • first motor exercises for self-experience
  • practical application instruction at the patient
  • anamnesis and diagnostic findings
  • Analysis of everyday life situations and everyday life organization after the ROTA concept
  • introduction to oral exercises in theory and practice
  • Auxiliary means and wheelchair supply
  • patient presentation/ treatment protocols
  • Completion after successful knowledge examination (T3) with certificate


The seminars qualify for the therapy of older children and adults. They build on each other in terms of content and can only be booked in one block.


Continuing education points: 24 per seminar
Course fees (may vary slightly depending on the training center): approx. 1.400 Euro


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Infant Advanced Course

Building on the therapist course, the lap exercises can be learned in the infant advanced course. They enable to practice the Rota-Therapy from newborn to toddler.

Contents (3×2 days):


  • Repetition of the ROTA therapy principles
  • Everyday activities with the infant
  • Positioning and transfer (e.g. for spastic infants or toddlers)
  • Learning of lap exercises and how they are best instructed for the parents
  • Demonstration and practice with the therapy manikin
  • Patient presentation with discussion
  • Discussion of therapy protocols with own patient examples

Training points: 19 per seminar
Course fees (may vary slightly depending on the training center): 1.000 Euro


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