Therapy material

A floor table and a table top have been specially developed for Rota therapy. Other therapy materials support positioning, sitting and even oral treatment, thus complementing them for everyday use.

Therapy furniture

When sitting, whether for learning or at work, as little energy as possible should be used for straightening. Therefore, it is very important to sit well leaning, legs at right angles, whole sole of the foot on the floor, table top set at an angle.

Another possibility is the position at the rota floor table in the yoga seat well leaning.

The matching Rota therapy furniture is available at Holzschmiede Lichtenberg.

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To the floor table we recommend the Backjack floor chair.
The Backjack is available in different models and colors.

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Seat Cushion

It is important for the optimal sitting position – just as with the floor table or the “table-table” – that the child is leaning with the whole back. For this purpose, the chair must be close to the table and it may need a firm back cushion so that the body does not lean backwards when leaning.

Likewise, it may need a firm seat cushion so that the child sits high enough and the arms do not have to be raised to write.

Cushion for the floor chair

Seat cushion 350 x 210 mm: € 14,30 per piece + postal charge

Seat cushion 510 x 370 mm: € 27,50 per piece + postal charge

Cushion for the school chair:

Seat cushion 350 x 300 mm: € 19,80 per piece + postal charge

The e-mail address for orders:

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Positioning Pillows

The Snoezi positioning cushion allows people with unstable or insufficient head and torso control (postural control) a comfortable yet stable sitting position.

Due to its flexible nature, Snoezi can be used at any sitting angle without restriction.

This positioning cushion therefore works great during therapies and also promotes cognition.

It is available in 4 sizes.

ÖGK health insurance pays in full and other health insurance on request!

Contact under Anita Pur, Lindingerstr. 3, 4910 Ried im Innkreis

T: +43 664 / 43 61 716


An important part of Rota therapy is oral treatment, such as by stimulating the mouth region with a special electric toothbrush.

We recommend the Broxo Ora Brush, because it vibrates very quietly and evenly.

Use the following coupon code to get 10% off the toothbrush and accessories.


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